The Best AI Face Swap Tool
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We independently test and review leading AI tools. When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission.  Learn more.
We independently review leading AI tools. When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more.
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The Best AI Face Swap Tool

The Best AI Face Swap Tool

May 26, 2024

Remaker AI is the best choice for natural face swapping results with AI. Our hands-on review compares results, ease of use, and pricing of the best online tools for ai face swap. Explore the top tools for swapping faces on photos.

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Ranked: Best AI face swapping tools

| Tool | The good & the bad | Best for | Pricing | |-----------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------| | Remaker AI | ➕ Offers multiple face swapping tools
➕ Natural and seamless facial integration
➕ No watermark
➕ Fastest results generation | Natural face swapping results and other multiple face swapping tools | Free | | Fotor | ➕ Effortless face swapping
➕ Has comprehensive photo editing tools
➖ Requires a paid subscription | Face swapping and other comprehensive photo editing (through subscription) | 3-day free trial with premium features | | Faceswapper AI | ➕ Precise swapping of facial features
➕ No watermark
➖ Imperfect results on the hair area | Free and simple face swapping | Generous free access (up to six face swaps per day) | | Artguru | ➕ Seamless swapping of facial features and hair details
➖ Has a watermark
➖ Image results have low resolution | Seamless face swapping with AI image tools | Free (up to six face swaps) | | Icons8 Face Swapper | ➕ Seamless blending of facial features
➕ Offers comprehensive photo editing tools and AI image tools
➖ Requires a paid subscription
➖ Noticeable glitching around the hair area | Face swapping and extensive creative tools (through subscription) | 3-day free trial with premium features |

In this article, I will be testing out five different AI photo face swapping tools to see which one delivers the best results on my two test images.

If you are someone curious to see how two people look with their faces swapped, or maybe even a fashion stylist looking to experiment with different styles, these entertaining AI tools can satisfy your curiosity and creativity needs.

Photo face swapping can be done through various methods and technologies. Within our smartphones alone, there are several mobile apps that you can download to do this. Some social media platforms, like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, also offer camera filters for this purpose.

However, for this test, I will be reviewing the most popular web-based platforms for face swapping that can be accessed through a browser on any device. For my experiment, I will be using the following images to test out the tools:

Source: Unsplash/Unsplash

This informal test will show you the most popular web-based platforms in the world of AI photo face swapping and how well they detect, isolate and swap the facial features and hair details of my models. On top of that, I will also be looking at their pricing and ease-of-use.

If you're interested in using ChatGPT for this purpose, check out this comprehensive guide on the Best GPTs for Face Swapping, which features and reviews custom GPTs designed for face swapping, making it easier (and at no additional cost) for those who already have a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Whether you'd like to swap some faces with your friends for a laugh or explore other creative uses of face swapping, this article will help you find the best web-based tool for the job.

Our top choice: Remaker AI

Out of the five tools I’ve reviewed in this article, Remaker AI is my favorite AI photo face swapping tool. Its performance on seamless swapping of faces and blending of facial features and hair details outperforms its competitors, free and paid alike. Not to mention, the level of free access they offer to users is just as remarkable as they allow generous use of the face swapping tool at no cost.

And again, if you're on a ChatGPT Plus subscription, you have the options of using custom GPTs for face swapping too – our top choice for that is Face Swap Master by Mojju. See our article Best GPTs for Face Swapping for the full review.

1. Remaker AI

Remaker AI is a popular option for online AI face swapping, that uses specialized software to detect and swap faces in your images. Unlike Fotor which offers photo editing tools beyond face swapping, this AI tool focuses on offering multiple face swapping tools for various needs. Aside from a simple photo face swap, they also offer:

  • Multiple Face Swap allows users to swap multiple faces in a group photo (such as a wedding photo or a class picture). 
  • Video Face Swap lets users swap faces in a video using another video.
  • Batch Face Swap allows users to generate multiple swapped photos using one face and generate one swapped photo using multiple faces.

I was really impressed with the results of this tool, as the detection and integration of the faces were so natural and seamless. Even the hair details were as good as the results from Fotor, which doesn't offer free access. Not only did the tool do a great job with the swapping itself, it also provided free access, doesn't ask you for your email nor does it limit how much you can use the standard face swapping tool. Additionally, among all the reviewed photo swapping tools above, Remaker AI was the fastest in generating swapped photos.


Remaker AI’s standard photo face swapping tool is free to use; however, if you want to use their other features, such as multiple face swap, video face swap and batch face swap, you will need to sign up to get 30 free credits. Once you use all the credits, you can purchase more, with prices at:

  • $2.99 for 150 credits
  • $19.99 for 1100 credits
  • $49.99 for 3000 credits

2. Fotor

Fotor is a comprehensive online tool for editing photos with a big user base, with around 15 million web visits each month, according to Similarweb. With the rise of AI technology, Fotor has been integrating more tools and features into their product, offering smarter and simpler photo editing options, including their AI face swap tool, which I tested.

First things first, this tool does not give you free credits or as easy access to its tools and features as its competitors above. You can get a 3 day-free trial, but you'll need to sign up on their website and provide your card details for a subscription. Once you get through that, finally start playing around with this tool. Per my experiment, Fotor’s tool managed to swap faces in the example images seamlessly and effortlessly. The facial features and hair seem natural, and it looks as if they are unique individuals. However, I think similar results can be easily achieved from other face swapping AI tools without giving away your personal details or signing up for their paid plans right away.


As mentioned, Fotor’s AI face swapping tool is available with their premium plans: 

  • Fotor Pro: $8.99 per month
  • Fotor Pro+: $19.99 per month

You can get a 3-day free trial (with 28 credits), but the process of signing up and providing your personal information might be too inconvenient for some users.

3. Faceswapper AI

Faceswapper AI is another face swapping tool that relies on AI technology to produce natural and realistic face swapped images. It's a popular tool with nearly 3 million visitors (according to Similarweb). Faceswapper AI offers features beyond simple face swapping with images; the platform also allows for face swapping with GIFs and animated avatars, although I did not test this functionality specifically. And if you only want cutouts of faces, they also have a free face cutting tool for quick isolation and extraction of faces from photos.

As you can see from the photos above, this tool was able to blend the facial features of the two faces within the pictures. However, I noticed that if you look closer, you can see weird details on their foreheads and I think this is because their hairstyles and hair color is different from each other. But another great thing about this tool, unlike their competitors, is that they give you free access to its tools and credits, which renew every day. They also generate the photos without watermark, so you can use them without branding issues.


You can use Faceswapper AI for free for simple photo face swapping, animated face swapping and avatar generation, even without signing up. Every day, they will give you six credits that you can use for your face swapping needs (one face swap costs one credit). If you need a little more than six credits, you can sign up on their website and choose a Free plan, which will give you ten credits per day. But if you need more credits than that, you may also choose one of their yearly paid plans:

  • Starter: $29 for 199 credits/month
  • Premium: $49 for 499 credits/month
  • Advanced: $69 for unlimited credits

4. Artguru

Next up is Artguru, also a face swapping tool that leverages AI for face swapping. It is also a quite popular tool with over 2 million monthly visitors to their website, according to SimilarWeb. Apart from face swapping, it also features other AI tools such as video generator, photo enhancer, avatar generator, text to AI image generator, photo to AI art generator and background remover.

Just like Faceswapper AI, it was precise and efficient in swapping the faces of our sample images. The placement of the facial features was spot on, making the swapped faces look real and fit in well with the new pictures. The hair details in the second photo were also impressive as this AI tool managed to darken the blonde hair to blend perfectly with the darker tones of the new face.

However, there are a few downsides to this tool. One, it gives the photos back with a watermark, which you can only remove if you’re on a paid subscription. Additionally, the swapped photos have a somewhat low resolution, and again, you'll get an upscaled version with a paid subscription. Lastly, after you have used all your free credits, you will need to start paying for a plan to continue using their face swapping tool.


Artguru offers five free credits, and you don’t even have to sign up to use them for face swapping (or any of the tools they offer). To access their premium features, such as skip queue, HD images and watermark-free images, you may choose from their two subscription plans, Standard and Plus:

  • Standard: 12,000 credits for $9.9/month
  • Plus: 20,000 credits for $12.99/month (includes access to premium AI tools)

5. Icons 8 Face Swapper

Last but not least on the list is a popular platform for icons, illustrations, photos and more. Icons8 offers various resources and tools for designing and enhancing creative projects. Many of its comprehensive new features are now powered by AI, offering tools such as an AI image generator, photo enhancer and a face swapping tool.

Just like Fotor, unfortunately, Icons 8 Face Swapper cannot be accessed unless you subscribe to them (using your email and bank details), but they will also give you a 3-day free trial. On the bright side, I like how seamlessly blended the second photo swap is when it comes to the facial features and hair details. However, the first photo shows a noticeable glitch around the hair area. Compared to Fotor, which offers the same level of accessibility, this tool doesn't consistently match up in quality, which can be less reliable for some users.


To access the 3-day free trial for Icons 8 Face Swapper, you will need to initially sign up for their $99 annual subscription plan. You can cancel this before your trial ends and have the option to switch to their $19 monthly plan, allowing you to test their service before fully committing to their subscriptions. It’s also important to note that this subscription only covers their AI face swapping tool and not all the features under Icons 8.


Through this article, you now know that AI face swapping tools are not only fun, but they can also serve as great tools to produce unique and creative content for various needs.

By testing five different AI photo face swapping tools using two sample images, I was able to compare and analyze their results firsthand. This experiment may be informal and quite limited, but it still offers insights and useful information about what each AI face swapping tool can do.

Remaker AI was my top choice among the AI photo face swapping tools I tested because it delivers high-quality results with a seamless and natural integration of the faces. Their website is also free to access and has a simple and user-friendly interface. They even offer other AI face swapping tools, all with no cost, making it stand out among its competitors.

I hope this guide made it easier to understand which tools are available to you, and help you pick one that suits your needs. Remember, AI technology is always changing, so keep yourself updated with new tools that can make your creative outputs even better.

May 26, 2024
Fixed the order of tools in the comparison table to reflect author's rankings

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