The Best AI for Scheduling
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We independently test and review leading AI tools. When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission.  Learn more.
We independently review leading AI tools. When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more.
The Best AI for Scheduling

The Best AI for Scheduling

June 27, 2024

Reclaim AI is our top pick AI for scheduling. We explore the top 3 AI planners that will take your calendar planning to the next level, according to what is important for you.

Dario Chincha
Content writer, accountant, law student, bookworm

Ranked: AI calendar assistants

| Tool | The good & the bad | Best for | Pricing | |----------------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------| | Reclaim AI | ➕ Plans your schedule around habits that are important to you
➕ Generous free access to the basics such as adding tasks and setting priorities for all users
➖ Does not automatically change the schedule according to priority of the tasks | Building consistency and keeping your daily habits | Free access to basic features; Premium starts at $8/month | | Motion | ➕ Changes in schedule and/or priority are automatically reflected on the calendar
➕ Can sync your calendar to your teammate’s calendar
➕ Tasks are highly visible on the calendar and easy to follow
➖ No Free Plan and the most expensive of these tools | Making sure you never miss tasks or meetings | Free trial to all features; Premium starts at $34/month | | Clockwise | ➕ Generous free access to the basics such as adding tasks and setting priorities for all users
➕ Reschedules meetings and tasks to free up time for focused work
➖ AI scheduler is sometimes glitchy
➖ Can only be used with a work email | Blocking time for deep work amidst meetings and other tasks | Free for basic features; Premium starts at $6.75/month |

My life as an accountant-freelance writer is filled with meetings and deadlines which pretty much made me thrive on always maintaining a calendar of my activities. That is why I know the ins and outs of traditional calendar solutions which honestly takes up a lot of my time to finalize and revise as needed. 

Fortunately, I came across AI tools while I was scrolling through Instagram and I was intrigued how they could help me prioritize and budget my time to improve my productivity and efficiency. A key benefit of these tools is that they save you time when it comes to planning – they automatically line up your most important tasks and allow you to follow a well-organized schedule.


What I looked for

Performance & Reliability +

The ability of the tool to understand my needs and how well it tailored the schedule to my important tasks and habits was the most important feature I looked for.

Integration +

Its ability to integrate with other apps like external calendars, emails, and/or video conferencing platforms is also important.

Collaboration +

The ability to sync calendars of team members is also a handy feature that I considered a big plus.

Ease of Use +

The process of setting up tasks on your calendar should be smooth and easy. The user interface should not be too confusing to navigate. The tool should be uncomplicated to use.

Value +

We've given a positive score for tools that offer a reasonable level of free access for casual users, and for testing it out before upgrading. We've also done our best to consider to what extent the paid plans of the tool justify their cost.

The best AI tools for scheduling

1. Reclaim AI

Best for building consistency and keeping your daily habits

Reclaim prioritizes the scheduled daily habits like meals and exercise  as you set up your calendar

The Good
Generous free access to basic AI scheduling features such as adding tasks and setting priorities
Builds an automatic schedule around the habits you are trying to keep and protect despite your busy schedule
Optimizes schedule through its smart 1:1 meetings feature for bigger teams
Allows integration with other product manager apps like Google Calendar, Slack and Zoom
The Bad
No automatic synchronization, just manual sync with your external calendar like Google Calendar
It does not take into account task dependencies
Free access to calendar basics and unlimited tasks (limited use of scheduling links and habits)
Paid plans range from 8-18$ per month for teams from 10-100 users. Higher priced plans include more scheduling links, habits and smart meetings.


Calendar Basics: Free
Smaller Teams: $8/month
Big Teams: $12/month

4Ease of Use

Not as easy to add and arrange events/tasks because it gives preference to tasks that you input first instead of the urgency of the tasks, so you need to manually change the calendar events.


Google Calendar, Raycast, Google Tasks, Slack, Zoom, Outlook Calendar

3Collaboration Features

A tool designed to defend your time but not as good for collaboration. Best for individuals but not for project management.

3AI Capabilities & Performance

Automatic changes in the schedule are quite slower. Automation is a bit outdated, it does not seem to consider changing the schedule of tasks within the day.
Your habits will be prioritized.

Reclaim AI is an AI calendar assistant which is best for individuals who are part of a big organization with various internal meetings to be scheduled via online platforms and whose members are working to protect their time in order to build consistency. 

Building consistency happens when you set habits into your calendar in this tool. With Reclaim AI, your tasks and meetings are scheduled around the habits to make sure you always have time for them.

Setting up a task on Reclaim is quick and easy

A feature that Reclaim AI is known for is the smart 1:1 meetings. This feature allows you to schedule 1:1 meetings at the perfect time by considering both people's calendars. This is a unique feature which will prove to be useful for bigger organizations, but not so much for small teams and individual use.

The free tier of this tool gives you the ability to create unlimited tasks, three habits and one calendar sync. If you upgrade to a paid plan, available for small and large teams, more people in your company can access and use the tool. The most prominent additional feature you get is the ability to track more habits – routines you've set up that auto-schedule in your calendar and can help you reach your personal goals.

It was hard to choose between Reclaim AI and Motion but in the end, we picked Reclaim AI because, in our opinion, it is the best free alternative for individual users which also has better integration with other apps. Its paid plan is also a lot cheaper at $8 per month, making it more affordable than Motion for small teams.

You can try Reclaim AI by visiting their website.

2. Motion

Best for making sure you never miss tasks or meetings

Tasks set on the Motion calendar are highly visible

The Good
Super easy to set up the tasks on the calendar
Changes in schedule and priority are automatically reflected on the calendar
Sync your calendar to your teammate’s calendar
Tasks are highly visible on the calendar and easy to follow
The Bad
The 7-day free trial is great, but there's no free tier
7-day free trial for any of the paid plans
Individual: 34$ per month for basic AI scheduling and planning (19$ per month when paid annually)
Team: 20$ per month for AI scheduling and collaboration features (12$ per month when paid annually). Requires 3 team members minimum.


For Individual Plan: $19 per month, billed annually; $34 billed monthly. For Team Plan: $19 per user/month, billed annually; $34 billed monthly.

3Ease of Use

The interface is very easy to understand and upon signing in and setting up your calendar, you can immediately see an automated version of how your day will look like. Any changes affecting all events are automatically reflected like magic.


Google, Siri, iCloud, Outlook, Email, Zapier

5Collaboration Features

Able to sync your calendar to your team's. Fast syncing and AI is super fast in rearranging the schedule as needed.

5AI Capabilities & Performance

Super fast and automated. Every change in the schedule or new task will be added and changes the calendar on the basis of priority. You'll never miss a task! Everything is easy to schedule/reschedule.

Motion has a powerful task auto-scheduling and a full calendar functionality. Upon adding tasks to your calendar in Motion, the AI automatically schedules them according to their priority. Each task you add is highly visible and you can see live how the AI works its magic as it reschedules everything while you keep on adding the tasks.

Setting up tasks on Motion allows you to indicate the priority level of the tasks

Before manually adding each task on your calendar, Motion allows you to set up recurring tasks like meditation, meals, and exercise that you want to include on a daily basis. These recurring tasks are immediately added to your calendar. Just like the other AI tools in this review, it also protects your habits which will be added to your calendar in the form of recurring tasks. The other meetings and deadlines will be scheduled around these recurring tasks. 

If your entire team is using Motion, it is also able to sync a user’s personal calendar with the team calendar. This helps in accurately setting the schedules and budgeting the time, considering both calendars and making sure there will be no conflicts. Another cool thing that could be automated with Motion is its ability to add tasks via email and via Siri, it is literally like an actual calendar assistant at your beck and call.

Motion is a bit pricier compared to other AI tools for scheduling, but makes up for it with highly useful features, all of which you can try in their 7-day free trial. Apart from AI scheduling and planning, you also get advanced task and project management features.

Motion was very helpful in organizing my schedule and planning my work week, and is definitely worth exploring if you're looking for new ways to increase your focus and avoid manual calendar work.

You can try Motion by visiting their website.

3. Clockwise

Best for blocking time for deep work amidst meetings and other tasks

Clockwise optimizes your calendar by moving meeting schedules and tasks for you and your team

The Good
Sets an ideal day for you in contrast to your actual day
Optimizes the schedules for meetings and tasks in order to give you more time to focus
The Bad
AI scheduler is sometimes glitchy
Can only be used through a work account
Free access to their smart calendar assistant
Paid plans range from 6.75$-11.50$ per user per month (billed annually). Includes advanced features like meeting times optimization, auto-scheduling of focus time, better scheduling links, meeting load analysis for the organization, and more.


Basics: $0; Teams: $6.75; Business: $11.50

2Ease of Use

UI is understandable. Tabs can be a bit daunting as you have to set up an ideal day, and indicate which tasks are flexible. You need to really familiarize yourself with the app and really discern the type of tasks and their flexibility. However, you can only register with a work account.


Slack, Asana, Zoom, Google Calendar

3Collaboration Features

Fixes conflicts in team schedules, makes sure that everyone gets deep work/focus time.

4AI Capabilities & Performance

Makes sure that the tasks & meetings are scheduled in order to make time for a block of time to focus/deep work on productivity. Your focus time for deep work will be emphasized and be given more time. Breaks are also given importance. AI scheduler is a bit glitchy (though in Beta so might be fixed soon).

Clockwise is built around teams, and is way more useful when used as a team of people rather than individually. It is based on the observation that employees tend to be anxious and tired during and after meetings which results in unproductive days. For example, if you already have a full calendar of activities previously set up but an urgent meeting suddenly takes up your day, you can ask Clockwise to set the meeting and adjust the schedule as best as it could.

Clockwise's AI scheduler lets you describe new events or changes to events and updates your calendar automatically

The core feature of Clockwise is its smart calendar assistant. It automatically finds the best time for your tasks and routines. It provides schedules seamlessly outside your organization with unlimited smart scheduling links. Moreover, it protects dedicated time for personal activities and commitments.

The free plan includes the AI scheduler (currently in Beta), which can take text prompts to create and edit meetings for you. This can be an efficient way to schedule meetings, but I found it occasionally glitchy such as randomly deleting events when creating new ones.

What you get for free with Clockwise is mostly centered on individual users, as it only takes into account that user's schedule and then adjusts it once team meetings are entered into the calendar. However, if you are scheduling for an entire team, this isn't ideal for optimizing your time collectively. 

The paid version of Clockwise allows you to optimize meeting times for the entire team or organization (not just for the individual user), protect your team’s deep work time with auto-scheduled focus for all the team members, and schedule meetings with external invitees and multiple teammates with group scheduling links. 

You can access Clockwise directly from their website.

How we picked these tools

In this test, we only included AI scheduling tools whose main function is to plan and schedule daily activities. Other AI tools focused mainly on project management and team management are excluded from our list. We also make sure that the AI tools shortlisted have a substantial number of users based on the monthly visits made on their site. We focus on leading tools in our reviews as they're more likely to remain on the market long-term, tend to have better community resources, and address the questions of a larger audience.

Moreover, we also explored deeper into online forums and reviews of the AI planners such as on Reddit and on the comment section of social media accounts and YouTube videos. While these forums have their own biases, we tried to ensure that the tools we picked had an overall good reputation in online communities.

Skedpal is a tool we tested and considered including in this list, but ended up disappointed by their ease of use (particularly integrating a to-do list with the calendar), as well as lack of free plan or trial.

How I tested these tools

I tested these tools using Chrome on my Macbook Air. In testing all three AI tools, I explored the user interface, checked the features available and proceeded with setting up tasks to be included in the calendar of each tool. I compared the ease of setting up tasks in the three calendars I created in each AI calendar assistant. I checked the amount of time it took before a task I recently added becomes integrated to the calendar and at the same time, I made sure to compare the actual schedule presented to me by the three AI planners.

Once everything was set up on my calendars, I also tried changing up and adding new tasks to try and see how the different AI tools would integrate the new tasks with high or low prioritization to my calendar. I tried to compare the output and decide which calendar had best understood my priorities and optimized my schedule despite any changes I made or despite any new tasks with varying prioritizations being added.

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June 27, 2024

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