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We independently test and review leading AI tools. When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission.  Learn more.
We independently review leading AI tools. When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more.
The Best AI Language Tutor

The Best AI Language Tutor

June 2, 2024

The best AI tool for learning English is ELSA Speak. We've tested 3 of the most prominent AI language tutors that let you learn in a personalised, interactive way.

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Ranked: Best AI language tutors

| Tool | The good & the bad | Best for | Pricing | |-------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------| | ELSA Speak | ➕ Free access
➕ In-depth feedback and assessment
➖ Comprehensive features might overwhelm beginners | Learning English for all levels | Free (up to 5 videos/day) | | Speak | ➕ Easy to use
➕ Learn using your native language
➖ Only English and Spanish
➖ Not for English speakers looking to improve their English | Interactive English or Spanish learning | 7-day free trial with premium features | | Gliglish | ➕ Free to use for a certain period
➕ Offers language learning features for multiple languages
➖ Lacks comprehensive feedback
➖ No mobile app | Practicing and honing speaking and listening skills for multiple languages | Free for 10 minutes of usage per day (up to 50 messages) |

AI is changing the way we learn languages through online language learning tools. These tutors can now create personalized tutorials and tailored lessons from comprehensive language learning materials.In this article, I’ll put 3 of the most popular AI tools for language learning to the test, with the aim of helping you find the best platform to sharpen your skills. 

My experience with these apps go back to before AI was really a thing – I’ve used English language learning mobile apps to sharpen my English skills and vocabulary since I work as a content writer and publish content catered mostly to English speakers.

I might not need to say this, but learning a language can be incredibly enriching. It’s a huge part of how we interact with the world around us, helps us express our thoughts, builds relationships with others, and much more. On the other hand, it may also cause problems and create language barriers among people who don’t speak the same language. Thanks to modern technology, though, people are overcoming these problems through online language learning tools. And these tools are now being super-powered by AI.

Perhaps you are a professional wanting to hone your English communication skills, or maybe a frequent traveler looking to learn basic phrases to interact with foreigners. For whatever reason you’re wanting to learn a language, the tools listed in this article could definitely benefit you. 

In this article, I will be testing out three different AI language learning tools to find out which one offers the best experience for learning a new language. The main things I will take into considerations are:

  • Features
  • User-friendliness
  • Accessibility
  • Pricing

At the end of this test, you will gain a better understanding of how these AI tools work, their pros and cons and which one will suit your language learning needs.

Our top choice: ELSA Speak

Out of the tools I tested, ELSA Speak is my top choice and a new favorite language learning app for me. This AI tool impressed me with its fun and comprehensive approach to English teaching. Its range of features and learning materials are extensive and I really appreciated how detailed it was when giving feedback and assessment.

Additionally, the mobile app is intuitive and really easy to navigate. They also feature interactive exercises that made me enjoy the whole English learning experience. Lastly, the platform offers free access to most of its features, making it my favorite among the three AI language tutoring tools.

1. ELSA Speak

ELSA totally impressed me and is my new favorite app for language learning

The Good
Free access
Offers comprehensive tools such as Improve Pronunciation and Roleplay
Provides insightful feedback for users
Mobile app adapts to the native language of users
Fun and interactive user interface
The Bad
Detailed and comprehensive features might overwhelm beginners
Pro - $141.99 per year
Premium - $169.99 per year

With millions of downloads across the Apple and Android app stores, ELSA Speak is a very popular, AI-powered language learning tool that helps people get better at speaking and understanding English. At first glance, the website says that they only feature tools for improving English pronunciations, but after testing it, it actually has more English learning tools such as Study by Topic, Improve Pronunciation and Roleplay. ELSA Speak is available as a mobile app in both Apple and Google Play Store.

If you want video tutorials for learning the basics of English that covers the alphabet, grammar, vocabulary or even advanced subjects such as accent neutralization and learning informal English, the Study by Topic feature makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. The videos are plentiful and comprehensive enough to guide users through every aspect of the language learning process. However, you can only play 5 lessons each day for free accounts.

ELSA Speak also offers a comprehensive tool to test, practice and enhance pronunciation skills through speaking exercises and interactive feedback. I was really impressed by how it accurately picked up mispronounced words and gave me detailed advice on how to correct them.

Lastly, this AI language tutor also offers roleplaying, where users can participate in simulated conversations to practice real-world speaking situations. I found this to be such a helpful tool in learning and practicing English because it not only corrects mistakes but also provides feedback on strengths, areas for improvement, and how to make your speaking sound more natural.

You can try ELSA by visiting their website.

2. Speak

Speak's app is easy and fun to use

The Good
Course plans tailored to users’ first language
User-friendly and interactive app
Provides multiple learning methods
The Bad
You can only access English tutorials in non-English format
Not for English speakers looking to improve their English
7-day free trial
Premium - $99.99 per year
Premium Plus - $234.99 per year

Speak is a language tutor tool that uses AI technology to help users learn a language by talking and listening through interactive activities. It currently only offers English and Spanish tutorials, but in the future, it will also offer lessons in French, German, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

The platform also features English tutorials written in the native language of the user. This option is available in 10+ popular languages such as Chinese, Spanish and German.

To access this tool, you will need to download the app (available in Apple and Google Play stores) and create a Speak account using your email. After that, the platform will ask you a few questions to tailor a course plan based on your language level, learning goals, and interests. For example, as an English speaker wanting to learn Spanish, I got a 27-day Spanish learning plan designed for my needs. However, you will need a Speak subscription to start using the tutorials.

The good thing about this is that they will offer you a 7-day free trial but you will need to provide your PayPal or card details for the initial subscription (which you can cancel before the free trial ends).

I really liked how user-friendly and interactive Speak’s mobile app is. It even features helpful data so you can see and track your progress over time. It also provides different methods of teaching such as interactive videos, speaking drills and tutor Q&As. However, I noticed it’s not that good with catching incorrect pronunciations, but it’s great at picking up wrong words when I accidentally used them in a sentence or phrase.

You can try Speak by downloading through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

3. Gliglish

The AI teacher at Giglish provided feedback about grammar with suggestions on how to improve

Giglish was giving me some error messages in some instances

The Good
Free to use for a certain period
Supports multiple languages
The Bad
Lacks comprehensive feedback
No mobile app
Gliglish is a free AI language tutor that offers free access for 10 minutes per day with a limit of 50 messages. For extended access and additional features, you may avail yourself of its premium plan, which costs €29 per month.

Gliglish is a language learning platform powered by the same technology behind ChatGPT that helps users improve their speaking and listening skills by talking to an AI language teacher. Its tutorials cover a wide range of languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, German and many more.

This tool’s main features include talking one-on-one with an AI teacher and roleplaying through messages. As of writing, you can only use this tool on the web as the developers haven't made a mobile app yet.

For my experiment, I tried testing how good Gliglish’s English language teaching capabilities were.

  • Language learning by talking to an AI teacher

  • This feature was able to provide some feedback about my grammatical errors and suggested ways to get better at speaking English. Afterwards, I asked for help with my pronunciation, and while it gave helpful information about English pronunciations, it struggled to detect words I was intentionally mispronouncing. I also asked for help to feel more confident speaking English. We tried talking about music casually but there were some instances wherein it was giving me error messages.

  • Roleplaying option to practice real-life conversations

  • I tested the job interview roleplay for English and while it was great for practicing speaking, the feedback it was giving me was not as insightful as I expected. Even though I was giving the wrong answers to the interview questions, this tool just kept saying positive affirmations and asking another set of questions.

You can try Giglish by visiting their website (they don’t have a mobile app yet).

Wrapping up

When it comes to learning a language, today’s AI tools can make a big difference. This article has proved this by testing three different language learning tools–Speak, ELSA Speak and Gliglish.

For me, ELSA Speak is my top choice for its comprehensive approach to language teaching and wide range of features. It also offers significant assessment and feedback to let users know what to improve on and how to improve their language skills. On top of that, its app is free to use and interactive for a fun and affordable learning experience.

Now that you have gained information about AI language learning tools, it’s time you try them out for yourself and see which one suits your language learning needs and goals.

Whether you want casual learning sessions about basic Spanish phrases or to enhance your English language skills, I hope this article has given you proper insights and guidance in choosing which AI language tutor is the best for you.

June 2, 2024
A mistake in the order of the individual reviews has been updated to reflect the author’s rankings

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