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AiSultana is the " Wine Expert in Your Pocket "
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AiSultana is the " Wine Expert in Your Pocket "

With Sommelier Voice, Vision, & Search capabilities โ€“ Chat, See, & Hear the wine world like never before!


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AiSultana is your digital Wine Expert that fits right in your pocket. This innovative GPT combines Sommelier Voice, Vision, and Search functionalities to provide a comprehensive wine experience. Whether you're a connoisseur or a casual enthusiast, AiSultana helps you explore the vast wine world with ease. ||| With AiSultana, you can Chat with a virtual sommelier, See labels and wine-related images for better understanding, and Hear expert advice and descriptions, making wine selection and knowledge acquisition both enjoyable and accessible. This GPT is designed to enhance your wine journey, offering personalized recommendations and insights at your fingertips. |||

How to use:

1. Start Chatting: To begin your wine exploration, simply press the 'Chat' button at the top right of this page to open AiSultana inside ChatGPT.

2. Visual Discovery: Use the Vision feature to upload images of wine labels and receive instant information about the wine's origin, flavor profile, and pairing suggestions.

3. Voice Interaction: Engage with the Sommelier Voice function to ask questions and get verbal guidance on wine selections, tasting notes, and more.

4. Search Smarter: Utilize the Search capability to find wines by region, grape variety, or any other specific criteria you have in mind.

By leveraging AiSultana's capabilities, you can deepen your understanding of wine, make informed choices for your palate, and enjoy the rich tapestry of the wine world without needing to be an expert yourself. This GPT is your go-to source for all things wine, offering a seamless and interactive way to enhance your wine knowledge and enjoyment.


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AiSultana is the " Wine Expert in Your Pocket "


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