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GPT Shop Keeper

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Provides an unofficial GPT App Store, assisting users in finding custom GPTs for various workflows and offering a diverse range of creative and productive tools.

Unofficial GPT App Store. Find custom GPTs for your work. Search or See TavernVisitors, a list of best GPTs curated by MindGoblinStudios. Shopkeeper is more than a mere merchant, a guide to townsfolk & travelers. v1.6

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Nov 2023
Jun 2024
This GPTย has been removed or is inactive

Conversation starters

Lets have a drink at the tavern, introduce members
Featured: Who is visiting the tavern today?
Art & design


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GPT Shop Keeper is a versatile platform within ChatGPT, designed to cater to users seeking specialized GPTs for enhancing their workflows. This unofficial GPT App Store is more than just a repository; it acts as a guiding companion for users, whether they are familiar with the digital landscape or newcomers exploring the realm of AI tools. Its version 1.1 signifies an evolved interface and improved functionalities, making it an indispensable resource for those looking to harness the power of customized GPTs for creative and productive purposes. |||

How to use: |||

  1. Access Easily: To start using GPT Shop Keeper, simply press the "try it" button at the top right of this page. This will open the GPT inside ChatGPT, allowing immediate access to its features. |||
  2. Explore Categories: Once inside, users can explore various categories of custom GPTs. These categories are designed to help you quickly find the tools that best suit your specific needs, whether it be for creativity, productivity, or specialized tasks. |||
  3. Get Guidance: As more than just a marketplace, GPT Shop Keeper serves as a guide, offering insights and recommendations. This feature is especially beneficial for users who are new to the world of AI tools and need direction in selecting the most suitable GPTs for their needs. |||
  4. Stay Updated: The platform regularly updates its offerings and features, ensuring users have access to the latest versions of GPTs, like the current version 1.1, which boasts enhanced user experience and a broader range of tools. |||
  5. Utilize Tools: Beyond finding GPTs, the platform also offers an assortment of creative and productive tools. These tools are curated to complement the GPTs and provide a comprehensive toolkit for any project or workflow. |||


Task automation
Google Sheets
Data Analysis

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Task automation
Google Sheets

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GPT Shop Keeper


App Discovery, Workflow Integration, Tool Recommendation
Task automation
Google Sheets

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