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Voice Over Generator
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Voice Over Generator

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Composes scripts and generates instant voice overs.

Writes scripts and makes instant voice overs. UPDATE: Now with male or female voice. Just ask!

Music Radio Creative
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Nov 2023
Jan 2024
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Conversation starters

Need catchy audio scripts? Let's create some!
Voice a wellness podcast show opener.
Create a Christmas message for a loved one.
Suggest a voicemail message for my business.
Narrate a nature documentary about Africa.
Make a podcast promo for a true crime series.
Write a funny liner for a morning show.


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Voice Over Generator is a GPT that not only writes scripts but also produces instant voice overs. This GPT is a boon for content creators, marketers, and anyone needing quick and professional voice overs for their projects. Whether it's for video content, presentations, or any other multimedia project, Voice Over Generator offers an efficient and straightforward solution. ||| How to use: ||| 1. Access: Begin by pressing the 'try it' button at the top right of this page to open Voice Over Generator inside ChatGPT. ||| 2. Script Writing: Provide the content or the main points you want to include in your script. Voice Over Generator can create scripts from scratch or refine existing content. ||| 3. Voice Selection: Choose the type of voice you want for the voice over. Options may include different genders, accents, and tones to fit your project's needs. ||| 4. Generation: Once the script is finalized and the voice type is selected, the GPT will generate the voice over. ||| 5. Review and Use: Listen to the generated voice over, make any necessary adjustments, and then integrate it into your project. ||| Voice Over Generator is particularly useful for those who need quick, cost-effective, and professional voice overs. It eliminates the need for expensive studio time or professional voice actors, making it accessible for a wide range of users and projects. |||


Task automation
Google Sheets
Data Analysis


Task automation
Google Sheets

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Voice Over Generator


script writing, voice generation, instant output
Task automation
Google Sheets

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