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AI Voice Generator

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Generates speech from text using OpenAI's text-to-speech technology.

Say things with OpenAI text to speech.

Music Radio Creative
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Nov 2023
May 2024
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Conversation starters

Give me a short meditation speaking as Shimmer.
Teach me something new using the voice of Fable.
Give me an inspirational quote from Onyx.
Search the web and tell me current news as Alloy.


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AI Voice Generator is adept at transforming text into speech using the cutting-edge text-to-speech technology developed by OpenAI. This GPT in ChatGPT offers a straightforward way to create natural-sounding audio from any text, making it an invaluable tool for content creators, educators, and anyone needing to convert written content into spoken words. The AI Voice Generator stands out for its ability to produce clear, lifelike voice outputs, enhancing the accessibility and reach of your content. |||

How to use: |||

Step 1: Access the AI Voice Generator

You can begin using the AI Voice Generator by pressing the "try it" button at the top right of this page. This will open the GPT inside ChatGPT, setting the stage for your text-to-speech conversions. |||

Step 2: Input Text

Input the text you want to convert into speech. The AI Voice Generator can handle various types of content, from simple sentences to complex paragraphs, offering flexibility in your text-to-speech needs. |||

Step 3: Customize Voice Settings

Customize the voice settings as per your requirement. This may include selecting the voice type, tone, and speed, allowing you to tailor the audio output to match your specific needs and preferences. |||

Step 4: Generate Speech

Once you have inputted your text and customized the settings, the AI Voice Generator will process the text and convert it into speech. The output is a natural-sounding audio file that accurately represents the inputted text. |||

Step 5: Utilize the Audio

Use the generated audio for your intended purpose. Whether itโ€™s for educational content, audiobooks, or video narrations, the AI Voice Generator ensures your written content is accessible in audio format, broadening its impact and reach. |||


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Task automation
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