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AI Voice Generator: Text to Speech
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AI Voice Generator: Text to Speech

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Prompt to create high quality AI voiceovers.

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Jan 2024
Jul 2024
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What can this GPT do?
Generate a pleasant bed time story audio
Create an exciting start-up pitch for space elevators
Create an inspirational speech for a sales team


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AI Voice Generator: Text to Speech is an innovative GPT designed to transform written text into natural-sounding voiceovers. This GPT leverages advanced AI technology to deliver high-quality audio outputs from a variety of text sources. Whether you need narration for a presentation, an audiobook, or voice prompts for your app, this GPT can handle it all with ease.|||

The AI Voice Generator is versatile, supporting content from popular cloud storage services such as Google Drive and OneDrive. This ensures that users can convert documents, articles, and scripts directly into speech without the hassle of manual uploads. With a focus on accessibility and user-friendliness, the AI Voice Generator is an essential tool for content creators, marketers, educators, and anyone in need of professional voiceover services.|||

How to use:

  1. **Access GPT:**Press the 'Chat' button at the top right of this page to open the AI Voice Generator inside ChatGPT.
  2. **Input Text:**Provide the text you want to convert into speech or share a link from supported cloud services like Google Drive or OneDrive.
  3. **Customize Voice:**Choose the desired voice type and tone to match your project's needs.
  4. **Generate Audio:**Initiate the text-to-speech conversion and wait for the GPT to process your request.
  5. **Review & Use:**Listen to the generated voiceover, ensure it meets your expectations, and then integrate it into your project.|||

In conclusion, the AI Voice Generator: Text to Speech GPT offers a straightforward solution for converting text into natural-sounding speech. Its compatibility with popular cloud services and ease of use make it an invaluable asset for anyone in need of voiceover production. Whether for personal or professional use, this GPT stands ready to bring your text to life with clarity and precision.


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Task automation
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