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Helps you understand if your A/B test results are better or not.

Added on
June 30, 2023
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A/B JUDGE is a handy tool that helps you understand if the changes you've made to your website, app, or any other platform are effective or not. It uses a statistical method called the Chi-Square Test to determine if the differences between your original version (control group) and the new version (test group) are significant or just due to chance. This can be particularly useful when you're trying to improve user engagement, increase sales, or achieve any other goal.

How to use:

  1. Collect data: Start by running an A/B test on your platform. This involves showing the original version to some users (control group) and the new version to others (test group). Track how many users in each group perform the desired action (conversion) and how many don't.

  2. Enter the data into the plugin: You'll need to provide four pieces of information: the number of users in the control group who did and didn't convert, and the number of users in the test group who did and didn't convert.

  3. Choose a significance level: This is a value between 0 and 1 that determines how sure you want to be about the results. A common choice is 0.05, which means you're 95% sure.

  4. Run the plugin: The plugin will then calculate the Chi-Square value and tell you if the differences between the two groups are statistically significant or not. If they are, it means the changes you made are likely effective.

Remember, the plugin is a tool to aid your decision-making process. It doesn't replace your judgment or understanding of your users.

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Business intelligence, Website analytics
Task automation
Google Sheets

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