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AskYourPDF Pro

Amplifies the power of your documents with the Pro version of AskYourPDF, making information easily accessible.

Added on
July 28, 2023
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AskYourPDF Pro is a powerful ChatGPT plugin that allows users to interact with their PDF documents in a unique and efficient way. This plugin is designed to help users query PDF documents and receive answers based on their content. It's a game-changer for those who frequently work with PDFs, making document research and data extraction a breeze. The Pro version of this plugin offers enhanced features and capabilities, providing a more advanced and streamlined user experience.

How to use:

1. Installation: Users can either search for AskYourPDF Pro in the ChatGPT plugin store and install it, or simply press the "try it" button at the top right of this page to start a chat with the plugin already activated.

2. Querying PDFs: Once the plugin is installed, users can query their PDF documents in two ways. They can either use a URL linking to their PDF document online or upload a local PDF file to and use the provided document ID for querying.

3. Using a URL: To use a URL, users need to enter their prompt or question in the dialogue box and paste the URL directly into the dialogue box. The plugin will then use the content of the PDF to answer the question.

4. Uploading a Local PDF: If users have the PDF file stored locally on their device, they can visit, click on the "Upload" button, select the PDF file from their device and upload it. After uploading, they will receive a document ID which they can copy and paste into the dialogue box, just as they would paste a URL.

5. Prompt examples: Here are two examples of how users can interact with the plugin:

  • "What is the definition of 'machine learning' in this document? [URL or doc_id]"
  • "Can you summarize the methodologies used in this research paper? [URL or doc_id]"

6. Querying the Document: After validating and downloading the PDF file, users can start querying their document. Whether they're after specific phrases, details from a research paper such as page numbers, or direct quotes, the plugin scans the stored database to provide the precise answers they seek.

7. Handling API Errors: In the rare instance of encountering an API error while querying, users will need to first download their document, then manually upload it to the AskYourPDF website. After a successful upload, a 'doc_id' will be generated. Users can copy this ID and paste it into the chat to resume interaction.

The AskYourPDF Pro plugin for ChatGPT is a powerful tool that enhances the capabilities of ChatGPT, making it easier for users to interact with and extract information from PDF documents. With this plugin, users can unlock the power of their PDFs like never before.

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