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Searches across your network and contacts — including Linkedin, Facebook, email, and iMessage — when you ask questions.

Added on
June 22, 2023
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This plugin has been removed or is inactive
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Clay is a handy plugin that gives ChatGPT context and insight into all your relationships. It's like having your own personal assistant to help you thoughtfully manage your relationships. Clay is a modern relationship management software that imports, enriches, and organizes your contacts from LinkedIn, email, calendar, contacts, and more. The Clay plugin allows ChatGPT to access all of this data to perform tasks. Whether you need to find out more about a coworker's work background before a meeting, have ChatGPT create a list of gift ideas related to a friend's hobby, or even have ChatGPT draft a personalized reconnect email based on your last 4 years of knowing someone, Clay's got you covered.

How to use:

  • Step 1: Search for the Clay plugin and install it. Register to a new Clay account and connect your accounts to import your contacts. |||
  • Step 2: Wait for Clay to import your contacts|||
  • Step 3: With the plugin installed, ask ChatGPT to perform any task that uses information about one or more of your contacts. This might be a gift suggestion, an intro email between two contacts, or even a travel itinerary with restaurant suggestions.|||
  • Step 4: Wait for Clay and ChatGPT to work together to answer your question. ChatGPT will access the Clay plugin to get the necessary information on each contact.
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Customer support, Sales, LinkedIn, Email outreach, Managing Teams
Task automation
Google Sheets

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