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Generates intelligible diagrams from code or natural language inputs, facilitating visual understanding of complex concepts.

Added on
June 18, 2023
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Eraser is a handy tool that helps you create diagrams from text descriptions. It's like having a personal illustrator for your ideas. You can use it to visualize complex processes, illustrate cloud architectures, map out entity relationships, or even create flow charts. It's a great way to make abstract concepts tangible and easier to understand.

How to use:

  1. Think about what you want to visualize. This could be a process, a system architecture, a sequence of events, or relationships between different entities.|||
  2. Describe your idea in words. You don't need to know any special code or language. Just describe it as clearly as you can, as if you were explaining it to another person.|||
  3. Ask the plugin to create a diagram. You do this by saying something like "Please create a diagram of this: [your description]". The plugin will then take your description and turn it into a diagram.|||
  4. Review the diagram. The plugin will provide you with a link to a PNG file and a link to a web editor. The PNG file is a static image of your diagram, while the web editor allows you to modify the diagram if you want to make changes.|||
  5. Use the diagram. You can download the PNG file, share the link, or use the web editor to further customize your diagram.

Remember, the more detailed and clear your description, the better the diagram will be. Happy diagramming!

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