The Best AI for Voice Cloning
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We independently test and review leading AI tools. When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission.  Learn more.
We independently review leading AI tools. When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more.
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The Best AI for Voice Cloning

The Best AI for Voice Cloning

July 8, 2024

Eleven Labs' voice cloning is the most accurate AI voice cloning tool we've tested. Here's our in-depth comparison of 4 of the most popular tools for voice cloning.

Dario Chincha
Creative content writer, editor, and full-blown hobbyist.

Ranked: Best AI voice cloning tools

| Tool | The good & the bad | Best for | Pricing | |-----------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | ElevenLabs | ➕ The most accurate and realistic voice cloning
➕ Supports many languages and accents
➕ Very easy to set up
➖ Voice cloning can only be accessed through paid plans | Highly accurate AI voice clones | Starter is $5/month, includes 30 mins of monthly audio generation | | | ➕ Generous free access
➕ Near flawless voice cloning
➕ Includes helpful tools for editing and adjusting your audio
➖ Your voice clone expires after 1 hour on the free plan
➖ Not ideal for loading in longer content due to text-to-speech limitations | Free AI voice cloning | Free up to 15 minutes of audio generation per month; Paid plans from $12/month | | Speechify | ➕ The simplest and easiest tool to operate
➕ The generated audio is pretty decent and featured only minimal flaws
➖ Does not include any tools for editing your output
➖ Least generous of the free plans of these tools | Super easy voice cloning | Free up to 10 minutes of audio generation (no downloads) per month; Paid plans from $32.08/month | | Genny by LOVO AI | ➕ Easy to set up
➕ Has a wide variety of tools to tweak and customize your cloned voice
➖ Poor audio quality on the output | Voice cloning with advanced editing features | Free up to 20 mins of audio generation (no downloads) for 14 days; Paid plans from $24/month |

AI has significantly contributed to recent trends in arts and media, showcasing impressive capabilities. However, AI voice cloning has also seen misuse, particularly by scammers masking their voices to deceive vulnerable individuals. Despite this, the negative image of AI voice cloning shouldn't overshadow its beneficial applications.

AI voice cloning is valuable for many, especially in the content creation field. Creators are increasingly using this tool to scale their content since AI voice clones can generate narrations more efficiently than recording it the old-fashioned way. There’s also a big use case in making content more accessible, as voice cloning tools often let you dub your content – efficiently and in any language. I have personally used AI voice cloning tools for voice-over work in video presentations, saving me a lot of time. Creative professionals integrate this technology into meaningful work, such as podcasts, educational materials, and audiobooks, to name a few. And by using these tools responsibly, we can use them to their full potential without contributing to misuse.

The quality of the cloned voice, such as how accurate it is to the speaker's voice or how good the audio quality is, could play a big part in how engaging the content produced is. That's why we've scouted through the leading AI voice cloning tools to see which ones deliver the best experience and output, and we give you the juicy test details on the 4 best ones we've found.


What I looked for

Easy to use +

We focused on tools that are efficient and simple to work with. A tool that is easy to operate allows users to not just spend too much time learning the ins and outs of the tool but rather get them working on their projects (videos, podcasts, audio books, etc) as soon as possible. As such, these tools should also get you great results without sacrificing quality.

Good audio editing tools +

We're looking for tools that get you great results, allow for customization, and provide helpful tools to edit your generated audio. With audio editing features like audio trimming, noise reduction, etc, you won't have to hop from software to software to get your audio polished and ready for the work it's needed, whether it may be for your podcasts or presentations. This saves you time, helps you improve your workflow, and gets your show up and running quickly.

Supports many languages +

While we only tested these tools in English, we also considered how many languages the tool supports to understand how easily the cloned voice could reach an international audience. This feature could be a valuable addition for many users or a specific requirement for those interested in an AI voice cloning tool.

Accurate voice match +

Authenticity and personality are essential in anything involving the use of voice; the experience is just so much more engaging if the voice you hear has these characteristics. That is why I listened carefully and compared multiple recordings of my cloned voice for each tool to see how accurate they were to my own voice. To observe this, I read and generated similar scripts across the tools on this list.

Rich emotional expression +

Similar to voice match, it is also essential to know how well the AI tool can replicate the emotional expressions of the voice it cloned. The absence of emotional expression in the generated audio makes it sound less natural and less organic; it does not sell the idea that what you're listening to is human. Since most of these tools do not have enough controls to adjust how expressive the audio they generate, I just focused on how organic and natural the AI voice clones sounded in reading the texts I typed in.

High audio quality +

We ensured that each tool on this list can put out accurate and high-quality voice clones, as this dictates if they are suitable for commercial use. Having clean and clear reference audio is important to how well the AI voice cloning tool performs, so we ensured the reference audio we used for testing was recorded properly. To measure audio quality, some of the things we listened carefully for on the generated audio are how much noise can be heard, how clear the pronunciations are, and if there are any glitches.

The best AI tools for voice cloning

1. ElevenLabs

Best for highly accurate voice clones

ElevenLabs’ Speech Synthesis works its magic in recognizing the nuances of your voice, creating synthetic, human voices with accuracy

The Good
ElevenLabs had produced the most accurate voice clones out of all the tools we tested. Both its Instant Voice Cloning and Professional Voice Cloning performed exceptionally well.
ElevenLabs works with 29+ languages and over 100 accents, making it possible to reach audiences worldwide.
The Bad
Instant voice cloning and professional voice cloning features are only available with paid plans, although they’re quite affordable.
Free: 10 minutes of audio or 10,000 characters per month. No access to voice cloning
Starter: $5/month for 30 minutes of audio or 30,000 Characters per month. Access to ‘instant voice cloning’.
Creator: 22$/month for 2 hours of audio or 100,000 characters per month (50% off for the first month). Includes professional voice cloning.
Pro: $99/month for 10 hours of audio or 500,000 characters per month. Includes everything in the Creator and Plus plans with additional features (high-quality exports).
Scale: $330/month for 40 hours of audio or 2,000,000 characters per month. Includes everything in Pro and Plus plans with additional features (priority support).

5Ease of use

Pretty quick to setup as well, although it had more requirements to clone a voice, it was justified since it was to ensure the quality of the output.


"Instant: Doesn't have much features with regards to post production (no speed adjustments, trim option, noise reduction) but still manages to produce great results due to its powerful AI. Pro: Similar to instant voice cloning, pro voice cloning doesn't have a lot of features for editing your outputs. But it produces much refined results due to the extra steps it requires"

5Supported languages

Strong language support. Works with 29+ languages and 100 accents

5Voice match

For both instant and pro, overall similarity of the cloned voices compared to my original voice were the most accurate in my tests

5Emotional expression

The emotional expression on both the instant and pro voice clonings were the most accurate in my tests

5Audio quality

"Instant: Clear, smooth and featured no background noise. Pro: Basically flawless"

ElevenLabs excels in creating realistic and high-quality AI-generated voices. Even with its basic voice cloning program (instant voice cloning), it still generated outputs that exceeded my expectations. And with over 20 million monthly users, it's hard not to assume how great this tool is.

There's two types of voice cloning offered in Eleven Labs' plans: instant voice cloning and professional voice cloning. Let's take a look first at instant voice cloning.

Instant voice cloning can make a copy of your voice with just a minute of recording. I even went even shorter than a minute just to see if it could perform well, and to my surprise, the results were terrific. What I received was a near-perfect imitation of my voice.

Professional voice cloning takes it another up a notch further in terms of quality. It has the most accurate voice clones of all the tools I've tried.

The accent, pronunciation, and subtle nuances of how I speak were there on both outputs. It was just freakishly good, and It even managed to fool a couple of my friends when I let them have a listen with the results.

Also, did you know that you can earn money through ElevenLabs' Pro voice cloning? This is possible through ElevenLabs' feature called voice actor payouts. With this, you can share/sell your voice profile to other users through the voice marketplace. Learn more about this feature by reading this article.

You can easily create and access all your cloned voices “under the voices tab”


Regarding pricing, the most affordable plan that offers instant voice cloning (Starter) costs $5 per month, and just above that is the —more popular— creator plan that costs $22 per month. The creator plan also has a 50% discount for your first month ($11 for the first month). The starter plan would suffice, but I highly recommend getting the creator plan, as it gives you far better results and more control over your work with the features included in your purchase. It just gives you more bang for your buck.

Check out ElevenLabs through their website.


Best for free AI voice cloning’s UI looks just like any video editing platform

The Good
With's free plan, you can freely generate and export your cloned voices for up to 15 minutes of audio per month. It's the best free AI voice cloning, as other tools on this list offer nothing close.
The cloned voice is almost flawless and comes close to ElevenLabs in terms of quality.
It already has editing tools to help you adjust your audio, whether trimming or splicing.
The Bad's free plan only allows for 1 cloned voice at a time, which also automatically expires after an hour.
Due to the character limit (250 characters per text-to-speech generation), its free plan cannot load and process lengthy texts.
Free: 15 minutes of audio per month. 250 character limit per generation.
Basic: $12/month for 6 hours of audio per year. Improved audio quality and access to subtitles.
Pro: $24/month for 12 hours of audio per year. Improved audio quality and access to subtitles.
Business: $59/month for 60 hours of audio per year. Includes everything in Pro with additional features.
Enterprise: Custom pricing, access to all features such as multiple workspaces and custom usage limits.

4Ease of use

Required a few more steps but after you're done with that operation runs smoothly.


Since is mainly a cloud-based video software, it gives you extra features to make adjustment to your audio such as trimming, speed, and noise reduction.

4Supported languages

Also support 29 languages much like ElevenLabs but did not indicate how many accents it can work with.

3Voice match

Came close with ElevenLabs but just off by a little due to ElevenLabs' generetad audio being more organic and close to a human.

4Emotional expression

Can pass as human.

5Audio quality

Generated audio sounded natural. was nearly as good as ElevenLabs in my tests and has a great free option for voice cloning. It's a popular platform (13m monthly users) for video editing with AI, and not limited to just voice cloning. primarily functions as a cloud-based video editing software, including a powerful voice cloning feature. In addition to this feature, provides access to a suite of standard and AI-powered editing tools, allowing users to trim, adjust speed, and piece together generated audio. This versatility gives a significant edge over other tools on this list, as most do not offer the same level of customization and integration.

Regarding its AI voice cloning capabilities, competed closely with ElevenLabs' instant voice cloning. However, the ElevenLabs voice clone sounded more human and had more emotional expression than's readout.

Clone your voice and generate audio with’s AI voice cloner and text-to-speech function lets you do high-quality voice without upgrading, but the free plan has its limitations. For example, it currently supports only up to 250 characters for text-to-speech. It only allows one cloned voice at a time (it expires after an hour). While there are workarounds for these problems, such as splitting your text into smaller sections to cope with the character limitations, this process is time-consuming, which made me conclude that's free plan is less suitable for processing longer texts in one go. It is also important to note that you can only generate 15 minutes of audio monthly.

Despite these limitations,'s AI voice cloning feature is free to use, with minimal restrictions on exporting audio. This makes a practical choice for users looking to get short recordings for their audio needs without spending a buck.

Try for yourself! You can check them out through their website.

3. Speechify

Super easy voice cloning

Speechify’s home page presents you with details about its AI voice cloning feature

The Good
Speechify's free AI voice cloning is the easiest to use and set up of all the tools we've reviewed. Despite its UI’s simplicity, it’s capable of generating decent quality audio.
The cloned voice sounds convincingly human, despite some minor audio quality flaws.
The Bad
Free plan does not offer any tools for adjustments to your generated audio other than playback speed.
Its free plan has no standout feature, and its 1000-character monthly limit is insufficient for most users.
Free: 10 minutes of audio per month. No downloads.
Basic: $69/month, AI voice cloning not included. Grants you export capabilities (video, audio, or text).
Professional: $99/month for 8.5 hours of audio per month. Includes everything in basic and AI voice cloning.
Enterprise: Custom pricing.

5Ease of use

Simple and straightforward. It gets you directly to voice cloning.


Offers little adjustment to your output. You can only adjust the speed of your generated audio.

3Supported languages

Can only support up to 8 languages.

3Voice match

Was pretty close but audio feels a bit more stiff as compared to ElevenLabs and Also had some hints of glitchy audio which was pretty minimal but noticeable nonetheless.

3Emotional expression

Sounded neutral.

4Audio quality

Sounded great with minimal glitches.

Next on our list is Speechify, a popular tool known primarily for its text-to-speech feature. In fact, it's our top pick for reading content aloud using AI. With this track record and nearly 7 million visits to its website each month, we decided to explore its voice cloning feature.

Speechify's AI voice cloning comes in two different versions. The free version clones one voice at a time and limits the text-to-speech feature to 1000 characters. The paid version is integrated into Speechify's text-to-speech and video editing platform, functioning similarly to However, unlike, only the paid version provides access to audio editing tools.

Even with all that, Speechify's audio output quality is excellent. While not as close to ElevenLabs, it's almost toe-to-toe against regarding audio quality; it still can pass as human. 

Clone your voice and generate audio with’s AI voice cloner and text-to-speech function

Considering that this tool is quite limited in its free version and the paid version offering voice cloning costs $99 monthly, it is not accessible for individuals but more suitable for professional content creators and businesses.

Try out Speechify's AI voice cloning feature for free on their website.

4. Genny by LOVO AI

Best for voice cloning with advanced editing features

View and access all your projects through Genny by LOVO AI’ projects page

The Good
Easy to set up.
Has many tools to customize your cloned voice, including emotional expression levels, a pronunciation editor, and a voice enhancer.
The Bad
The audio it generated has a lot of noise and can easily be distinguished as AI.
Free: 20 minutes of audio or for 14 days (free trial). No downloads and commercial rights.
Basic: $24/month, unlimited downloads. 2 hours of voice generation per month.
Pro: $24/month (discounted from $48 for first year), includes everything in Basic. Unlimited voice cloning. 5 hours of voice generation per month.
Pro plus: $75/month (discounted from $149 for first year), includes everything in Pro. 20 hours of voice generation per month.

4Ease of use

Much like, it needed few more steps to setup but requires little effort to operate.


While it does offer a few functions such as speed and expression level adjustment, the latter does not seem to work that well from what I've heard with its output.

2Supported languages

Only supports English for now.

2Voice match

Generated audio was inaccurate. It featured some characteristics of my voice with the way I speak but it just sounded too robotic.

2Emotional expression

Too robotic.

2Audio quality

Sounded too robotic and noisy.

The last tool on our list is Genny by LOVO AI. LOVO AI is another online video editing platform much like It is also known for having a big library of voices that can be used for text-to-speech.

Genny is LOVO AI's model responsible for AI voice generation. They didn't have an AI custom voice cloning feature, and what they did to catch up with their competition was to develop one that has since been integrated with their video editor (Genny).

Setting up and using Genny is relatively easy. However, getting around its UI may take as it initially confused me to locate where the AI voice cloner is. Like, Genny is still in its early stages and has certain limitations. While we have used Genny exclusively for cloning English voices, we would like to mention that its voice cloning feature is only currently available in that language compared to other tools on this list which supports more. Although it seems like LOVO AI is looking to add more language options in the future.

Generate audio with your cloned voices with Genny AI

Genny ranked lower on our list because the generated audio sounded stiff and somewhat robotic. It struggled to replicate my voice accurately, producing a strong English accent that did not match my natural voice. Other tools on this list performed better in this regard. LOVO AI's voice cloning quality isn't the best, but it offers many editing features that can compensate if you're primarily looking for a video editing tool with voice cloning functionality.

What’s great about Genny is that it allows users to familiarize themselves with the tool before committing to a paid subscription since the free plan grants access to most features. But, to grasp what more this tool offers, consider signing up for a 14-day free trial of the Pro plan or subscribing to a paid plan.

Check out Genny by LOVO AI through their website.

Challenge your ears

We've prepared a short test for you in the form of a blind shootout. Challenge yourself and your friends to see if you can recognize which tools are which and which are human. Stay till the end of the video for the results.

How we picked these tools

We considered voice cloning tools in this review that already had a substantial user base (we've paid attention to their number of monthly visits). We then narrowed down our contestants by scouting through platforms like Reddit and G2, selecting tools to test that had favorable sentiments and reviews across the web. Lastly, we picked the 4 we thought offered the best combination of output quality, user experience, and overall value. We came across plenty of tools, many of which did not make it to the cut due to factors that concern their value and performance. 

Some tools were excluded due to moderate popularity and a lack of free trial options. Some were way more expensive than average to start with, such as Fliki, whose plan, including voice cloning, starts at $88/month. We found a similar case with Murf, as its AI voice cloning is exclusively available as a custom add-on to its enterprise plan, which is not ideal to purchase for most people or small businesses.

Heygen was on our radar, as it offers voice cloning, but got excluded as they focus specifically on creating AI avatars, making it less relevant and versatile for users primarily seeking a voice cloning tool. Another tool we excluded is which, despite reportedly having good results on its voice cloning, requires 2 hours of recorded audio to generate a voice; most tools can do it with a couple of minutes of audio, and we figured most of us don’t have the time for that.

Finally, I ended up with 4 tools on this list that showed a good balance between popularity, accessibility, and value.

How I tested these tools


In a controlled environment, I recorded myself reading a short script of under 20 seconds. This served as the reference audio for my voice, which I then fed into the software for the AI to clone.

Tools Used for Recording:

  • Mic: Audio Technica AT2020 condenser mic 
  • Audio interface: Behringer UMC404HD 
  • Recording software/DAW: FL Studio 20 and Reaper


We decided to strictly use the web version of each tool, even though some, like 'Speechify', offer an app and a browser extension.

While most tools could clone my voice by uploading a pre-recorded audio, could only create a clone if I recorded myself through their website. Since I couldn't record a separate audio for, I ran's voice cloner and my recording software simultaneously to create a copy of my voice. I used this copy for the rest of the tools on the list to maintain consistency.

This method worked perfectly fine, and everything ran smoothly afterward.

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July 8, 2024

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