The Best AI Music Generator
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We independently test and review leading AI tools. When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission.  Learn more.
We independently review leading AI tools. When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more.
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The Best AI Music Generator

The Best AI Music Generator

May 20, 2024

Suno is our top pick as the best sounding AI music generator. This article will look at 3 of the most capable AI music generators to captivate your listeners.

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Ranked: AI Music Generators

| Tool | The good & the bad | Best for | Pricing | |---------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------| | Suno | ➕ Follows prompt accurately
➕ AI music with vocals feature
➕ Great value pricing plans
➖ Audio quality needs improvement | Bringing your song ideas to life | Free up to 10 songs daily | | Loudly | ➕ Included customization features
➕ Great audio quality
➖ Loudly’s AI lacks accuracy with the given prompt
➖ No feature for generating music with vocals
➖ Free version is quite limiting | Creating background music | Free up to 25 songs per month | | Musicfy | ➕ Works great for creating short audio clips
➖ Limited audio generation length
➖ Accuracy of generated audio with the prompt needs improvement | Creating sound bites | Free 15 songs per month (up to 15 seconds max per generation) |

AI technologies and tools get smarter day by day. Recently, we have witnessed how AI dipped its toes into the creative field with tools that can create or generate images, videos, art, and most importantly for me, music. An article I’ve read from venture capital firm a16z, talked about how generative AI is transforming the music industry and that got my interest.

AI voice changers and AI-generated music were already creating waves in social media but after getting to know more about the status of how AI is shaping the world of music, I got a lot more curious with AI generated music, so I decided to search for the best tools in this category. 

Now, like many others, I was worried by the possibility of AI taking over music, but after testing these tools out and giving them a chance, I quickly realized that AI-generated music has its hole to fill in this industry. Writing and creating songs demands a lot of time and expertise, especially since there are many things to learn and consider to come up with something usable. Songwriting is no easy feat to do, which is why the availability of these tools gives musicians like me a new avenue to bring my ideas to life. Now whenever I find myself lacking the creative juice or suffering writer's block when writing songs, I give these tools a try to interpret the songs I envision in your mind.

With my search for the best tool for AI music generation, I ended up with 3 of the best tools for AI music generation, and I compared them to see which one resonated with me the most.

How I tested these tools

For this article, I have tested three of the best tools for AI music generators to determine which offers the best output in generating songs. For the testing, I would run a prompt for each tool to compare which one will provide the most accurate result. I’ve used the prompt “Create a hiphop song from the 80s. “ I would also be using the website version of these tools to create consistency with the test. 

Key considerations

Accuracy +

The most important thing we’ve considered when testing these AI tools is how closely we adhered to the prompt. While the result may vary due to how large language models work, which can sometimes be a good thing for artistic purposes. Nevertheless, we expect the songs generated by these tools to be on target with the instructions in terms of genre and appeal.

Ease-of-use +

With these tools, we expect a user-friendly experience, as the goal of using these tools in the first place is to help you structure your ideas better. The website's interface should present a balance between form and functionality as the tool should not only help you turn your ideas into reality but also allow you to enjoy the process, and you can do that if the tools' interface or website design is free from visual clutter, which can overwhelm the user.

Audio quality +

For most creatives, getting the right music for, let's say, videos is integral to the work, and since these tools claim to offer tailor-fitted songs with prompts, they might seek these tools to generate that music for their projects. That is why it is essential to know if the audio quality of the songs that these tools generate is up to standards for such use cases.

Value +

We tested these tools to see how much value they provide, even on their basic or unpaid version, in terms of the features that are available with the tool. While we mainly focused on testing the free version of these tools, we also considered how much value you would get if you are ever looking to pay for a premium and what features you can unlock by doing so. By doing so, you will better understand which tool has a better price-to-performance ratio than the other.

Features +

While we mainly experimented with the capabilities of these AI tools in generating instrumental music, it would be great to see if they also offer other elements to assist with the creation process of the songs. This may be in customization, personalization, or added features such as allowing you to generate songs with vocals and lyrics, and many more.

Our top pick: Suno

Suno landed the top spot on our list due to the quality and value it provides. I found Suno to be the most reliable tool from this list as it hadn't failed me once with every prompt I've used, and it is evident with how accurate the song it generated. While the audio quality may not be perfect, it's still surprising how good it was, especially for an AI tool.

The support for this tool is also abundant as plenty of users share their knowledge and prompts through helpful articles and forums such as Reddit, making it much easier for users to find answers to their queries regarding using this tool with just a quick Google search.

1. Suno

Best for bringing your song ideas to life

Listen to the music it generated

Suno’s homepage features trending songs it has generated for other users and also allows you to explore different categories of music it can create

The Good
Generated audio is accurate to the prompts I’ve used
Allows for generating music with vocals and lyrics
The basic version allows for plenty enough song generations for the average user
The Bad
Audio quality needs a bit more improvement in terms of how organic and natural the instruments sound
Basic: 50 credits (equivalent to 10 songs)
Pro: $8/month for 2,500 credits (equivalent to 500 songs)
Premier: $24/month for 10,000 credits (equivalent to 2,000 songs)

Suno is one of the most impressive AI tools I've used and the best tool for AI music generation I've tested. What started out as a Discord plugin (just like Midjourney) eventually led to a standalone website for AI-generated music. Suno is also the most popular tool among AI music generators, with a whopping 22 million monthly site users. 

My experience with Suno was such a treat; being the first tool I've tested out in the AI music generator category, the capabilities of this tool blew me away. The site's design was captivating in that you immediately want to try out every possible feature the tool has. It was like a child given the newest and coolest toy, and I sure did play around like one with Suno.

Once I got over my child-like excitement, I shifted my focus to running the prompt I had prepared, and it was scary how close Suno's AI got to the song it generated. I've generated two tracks, with one song having vocals and the other being instrumentals only for the test. The output captured what I envisioned in my mind. 

Suno’s AI can generate songs with just a simple description or a prompt.

Suno's basic plan is very generous with the monthly number of songs you can generate. For my use case, Suno's basic plan was enough, as I was looking to use this tool exclusively to get my song ideas across. Still, if you're considering using the generated content for commercial use, it would be ideal to subscribe to Suno's pricing plans.

Also, if you're looking for a collection of helpful prompts for Suno, you should check out this article by Travis Nicholson on 

I recommend checking Suno and trying it out to see where your creativity, combined with this tool, gets you.

2. Loudly

Best for creating background music

Listen to the music it generated

Loudly’s text to music feature allows for the use of prompts

The Good
It has a good set of features for further personalization of the generated audio
It has decent audio quality and very ideal for background music purposes
The Bad
Generated music is not as accurate as our top pick, but it was pretty close
No feature for generating songs with vocals
The free version limits the song’s length to up to 30 seconds
Free: Up to 25 songs per month
Personal: $5.99/month (up to 300 song creations)
Pro: $15.99/month (1,000 song creations)

Loudly is another AI tool that deals with music generation. I came across this tool while looking for an alternative to Suno. While not as popular as Suno, with only around 1.3 million monthly visitors, this tool can generate great music that can compete with Suno. 

Loudly has qualities and features that cannot be found with Suno. Compared to Suno, Loudly allows you to customize your generated track. It has tools that help you change the key, tempo, the amount and types of instruments included, and the energy of the song you've generated. You can also blend two genres to add more flavor to your song.

But with it comes the drawbacks, and the most important deal breaker to learn about Loudly is that the text-to-music function of Loudly is not entirely as accurate as Suno's AI, leaving you with generated content that is somewhat close to what the prompt commands but not close enough.

Loudly has features that allows you to personalize the generated song even further

The free version of Loudly is quite generous, as the tools I've mentioned can all be accessed even with its basic plan. But do note that the free version of Loudly limits the length of the songs you generate to a maximum of 30 seconds, so if you're looking to generate tracks longer than that, you should consider subscribing to one of the pricing plans that Loudly offers.

Upon considering this tool's different advantages and disadvantages, Loudly works best in generating background music, making it very usable. 

You can go and check out Loudly through their website.


Best for creating sound bites

Listen to the music it generated

Musicfy also features other helpful tools, such as AI voice changers and AI harmonizers

The Good
Works great for generating specific sound bites for your video work (i.e., YouTube videos, TikToks, IG reels, etc.)
The Bad
The text-to-music feature of this tool is faulty and didn’t meet the standards set by our top pick
Its free version only allows for generating audio with up to 15 secs of playtime
Free: Up to 15 song generations per month (15 seconds max per song)
Starter: $9/month (25 text-to-music generations per month, unlocks song length limit)
Professional: $25/month (100 text-to-music generations per month, unlocks song length limit)
Studio: $70/month (unlimited text-to-music generations, unlocks song length limit)

The last tool on the list is Musicfy. Much like Loudly, Musicfy is a lesser-known AI tool that features AI music generation. 

Musicfy is mainly known as an AI voice changer tool to help you convert your voice into the likeness of other artists or characters. While having a decent background as a reliable tool for AI voice changing, its AI music generation is quite the opposite. 

My time with Musicfy wasn't as pleasant as the other two tools on this list. I had difficulty generating something that competes with the other tools' generated content on this list. The song I got was far from the instruction I provided. Plus, its free version's restrictions, such as limiting the generated music to up to only 15 seconds, did not help with its case.

Musicfy also has a text to music feature where you can run your prompts

Musicfy offers longer song lengths if you sign up for a subscription to one of its pricing plans. I'll probably not spend my money with Musicfy for my case since it performed differently than what I expected, which is to create a song that has a similar structure to what I am used to hearing.

Even though my expectations weren't met, I still hope that Musicfy will give more attention to its AI music generator tool and give it its much-needed improvement in later updates. But for now, I recommend just going for other tools on this list.

You can still check out Musicfy and test it through their website.

May 20, 2024

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